Web Design

Colabra Web offers a wide array of web design and hosting

solutions in order to meet the growing needs of your business. Even if you don’t see a solution that matches what your business we can put together a package to meet and exceed your business goals.

Web Site Design Packages –

Web sites are packaged to include everything you need for the first year of your web site, excluding maintenance. The packages include: domain registration, design, hosting, email accounts, search engine registration, link and web site stats.

Maintenance Packages –

After your web site is designed, you may find that you need occasional updates or programming changes. We offer pre-paid maintenance packages that can result in savings! Ask us about the maintenance package that will best suit your needs.

Hosting Packages –

We offer state of the art hosting by locating our web servers at a data center that provides redundant internet connections, emergency power, unlimited bandwidth, and a high level of security to protect your online business. With nightly backups you can be sure that your web site and data are protected. We have a 99.8% up time!

Non-profit Hosting Package –

In a continued effort to help the non-profits, we offer a very competitive hosting package for companies who qualify for non-profit status. Be sure and give us a call for your quote. We are happy to give back to the community in this way!

Domain Registration Only –

Don’t worry about those endless reminders to register your domain…again! We will take care of your domain renewal to ensure that you never have to worry again about “losing” your domain. We know it is important and we give this a high level of priority. Let us take care of your domain renewal today!

Flash Design –

With over 96% of all browsers being able to view Flash, it has become the best choice for fluid animations, streaming media, and on rare occasions, entire web pages while keeping the loading times much lower than traditional methods. Ask us about some ideas on how to use Flash for your web site project to enhance and promote your web site.

Search Engine Optimization –

Everyone would like to come up at the top of the search engines. We will work diligently with you to optimize your web site with the search engines. We know that being at the top brings increased business opportunities!

Language Conversions –

With today’s global marketing, it’s important to know that your product or service is reacing across language boundries.  Colabra works with professionals that are native to the language you need and work to ensure that the conversions are as accurate as possible.