Colabra can serve as a dedicated I.T. department in place of salaried staff. Or, for many clients, our team works in addition to an I.T. staff of full or part-time employees.

The benefit of having Colabra as a key resource on your I.T. team is both economic and strategic. Most small and medium size businesses cannot afford to hire the number of FTE’s (Full Time Equivalents) needed for an effective I.T. department. The result is limited staff with some, but not all of the skills necessary to meet the objectives of your business. Colabra frequently provides strategic planning, while also filling in where your staff has gaps in expertise.

Colabra offers extensive knowledge and experience in:

  • I.T. Management
  • 24×7 Real Time Network Monitoring
  • Network Design and Engineering
  • Network Administration
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Help Desk Personnel
  • Technology


Technology should serve business. Not interrupt it.
Think of Colabra as an extension of your executive team.

Our most successful client relationships are those in which we help our customers set technology strategy and evaluate technological needs from a business perspective. We are often called on to communicate these strategies with our customer’s executive management.

Colabra partners successfully with our clients because we take the time to understand the technology needs of each individual business. We effectively match business needs with solutions that improve employee productivity.

Our approach isn’t flashy and we don’t speak in techno-jargon: we use an organized, methodological approach to effective I.T. management. We evaluate service, cost and desired outcome. We become a valuable asset to your executive team and view your I.T. needs from your business’s perspective.

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Colabra will proactively monitor your network, all Day and everyday, so that we can resolve issues before they turn into business problems.

The greatest expense in I.T. is not what is paid to service organizations or staff but rather, lost productivity related to network problems and downtime.  The average small to medium size company experiences 2 hours of downtime per week, costing them an average of $200,000 per year. This is a business problem!

Colabra uses its Remote technology to monitor all of our client’s networks 24x7x365 so that we can maximize uptime and proactively manage issues before they turn into business problems.

We are able to gather real time information about our client’s networks from a centralized location.  Coupled with our remote control capabilities, this service allows us to dramatically reduce troubleshooting and resolution time. This translates into increased productivity,  lower costs, and happy customers  – Ours and Yours!

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Colabra makes sure that technology improves the way you do business.

Colabra provides network design and engineering services that enable your Local and Wide Area Networks to meet the business objectives of your organization. Whether your company is involved in a new deployment, upgrading to a new operating system or application, adding remote locations, increasing security, or addressing other technology initiatives, Colabra has the resources to accomplish it.

We do not produce or sell hardware or software and can therefore look at your needs from an unbiased perspective, recommending only what is best for your company. It is our business to keep abreast of what is available in the market but we are not proponents of the idea that “newer is always better.” Our solutions take into account your investment, your employees, and how your business needs to operate to serve your customers best.

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Colabra maintains your network by providing hardware and software support designed to eliminate future problems.

Colabra has built our reputation by providing expert network administration for your entire computer environment including your organization’s servers, routers, firewalls, switches, hubs, messaging systems, etc. Network administration involves a comprehensive approach to keeping systems up to date with service packs and patches, adding new users and other routine maintenance. Colabra implements industry proven processes and methodologies to efficiently fulfill these responsibilities.

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If a complex technical issue comes up, you have a resource to keep your company moving forward.

Information technology has improved the productivity of most businesses throughout the world. And yet, technology has the power to stop your business in its tracks. You cannot afford delays if your technology fails. With Colabra on your team, you have a security net. Our professional staff works together to solve difficult technical problems before they cause major business interruption. There is no substitute for experience and leadership when your business is threatened. Colabra delivers both.

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Your current tech support staff doesn’t have to be overwhelmed by the needs of individual users. Colabra has a Help Desk solution.

At many companies, an individual computer problem that goes unsolved has the power to derail productivity. And often, the individuals tasked with providing Help Desk support lack the people skills necessary to satisfy irritable and frustrated users. Our team is trained to communicate effectively at both ends of the spectrum: with end users who possess limited computer knowledge, as well as advanced engineers.

Through the use of the Help Desk service, Colabra provides an efficient means for your staff to receive the support they need. The primary goal of our Help Desk team is to solve problems while providing outstanding customer service.

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Colabra services the needs of employees quickly with minimal disruptions to their daily routine.

Colabra can provide support for all of your technology needs including server platforms, databases, application servers, operating systems, IP-based networks, storage area networks, wireless networks, all major commercial software applications, and your in-house-developed custom applications. This includes:

  • Proactive computer and network maintenance
  • Technology planning, forecasting and budgeting
  • Security strategy (firewall, network and data)
  • Network diagnostics
  • Systems installs, configuration and upgrades
  • Systems integration
  • Systems backup
  • Network administration
  • High-speed data connection setup (T1, DSL, Cable, Fiber)
  • Virus protection, spam and content filtering
  • Remote and branch office support

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