Colabra’s sole service is providing I.T. outsourcing to small and medium sized businesses in the Pacific Northwest. We help customers leverage technology to achieve their business objectives by providing a strategic approach, exceptional service and I.T. expertise.

Why Outsource?

Many small businesses never realize the benefits of a well run I.T. department because it is impossible to find the required skills in one or even two people. Colabra can provide all of these skills in a single contract that often costs the same or less than you are currently spending. Through outsourcing portions of your I.T. functions, you can leverage your I.T. staff’s strengths with a team of individuals who have expertise in all areas of technology and business strategy.

Colabra’s role is to view technology through the lens of your business needs. We recommend solutions that help you provide better customer service and move you toward your growth goals. We provide your employees with consistent support. And we complete projects and address problems on time and within budget.

Contact Colabra at 503-663-4111 or
info@Colabra.net today to learn what we can do to help your business prosper.